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:: Image upload and removals
My photo is dissapeared from my page, why?

I have found an image from someones profile that seems offensive to me...

:: Russian Dating Questions
..There is a lot of services in the net who engaged in dating-russian-girl activity. Why is that?

So, why Russian girls want to meet, date or marry foreign men? Where is the trick? What, the girls do not want their good old russian guys as partners?

You liked a girl on some site and tried to communicate with her by email; but it appears she cannot read english and you do not know russian, so what to do in this case?

You have sent around 100 letters to girls and received no response, why is that?

It seems russian girls just do not love me! Why??

From time to time I receive odd messages from girls saying that "she is a refugee and a doughter of a Dr. XXX, who was into gold and crude oil business, but he was killed and she managed to escape with very important documents which covers her fathers deposition of money (some US$ millions) etc.". In the end I was asked to do something to help the girl etc. What does it mean and what it is all about?

My girl from Russia asked me to send her a bit of a money. You know, she wants to visit my country and she needs cash to pay for visa and tickets. Do you think it is wise from my side to send her money by MoneyGram or Western Union?

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